Is it hard for you to grow muscle?

Are YOU taller than 6’3″?

Well, you are not alone. There are millions of guys across the world just like you looking for answers. I know because at one time I was one of them until I figured out how to properly train my long limbed body. We all know the taller you are the more difficult it is to achieve that bodybuilder look complete with round muscle bellies. Well, at 6’7″ I know about that better than most.

Today, after years of trial, error and working around injuries I have finally came up with a program that is guaranteed to produce the results I wanted. Results that were specific to a Tall Bodybuilder. All I can say is I wish I would have learned this a lot sooner and soon you will be saying the same thing.

Here is couple of things to think about if you are going to make any progress fellas.

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1.) Get full extensions and contractions. As a Tall Guy our levers are much longer so a little cheat is actually a big cheat. Thats right our muscles are strongest in the mid-range of contraction so making sure we keep tension at the top and bottom of the motion is the best way to build the weak part of the muscle providing a fuller look. The bad news is, this is going to feel very uncomfortable at first because those extremities are still a large range of motion. Failing to squeeze from top to bottom is why most Tall Guys have failed in sculpting their bodies.

2.)Larger range of motion, more room for error.You must know exactly where to direct tension and maintain it longer. Completely engage the desired muscle at all times! We have a much larger range of motion so we take longer to perform our reps and sets. That means you must stay completely focused for a longer period of time or you will fail. 

3.) Don’t sacrifice the squeeze for more weight. What I mean is simple. Because our bodies are so long it causes the body to over compensate in numerous ways by using too many muscles or the wrong muscles to execute a simple movement. We must make sure we are not giving in to our elongated path of least resistance, that will allow us to move the weight but not grow the muscle. Keep the tension where it needs to be at all times.


What’s Next?

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