Lou Ferrigno (the original incredible Hulk)

One of my inspirations growing up. How many of you have got a chance to meet the people that inspire you?

Putting on Size
Tall Guys,

If you are trying to put on size the rules are the same for everybody. You have to carry some extra pounds for while so your body has a conducive environment to grow muscle. Remember the body is only going to do that when everything is right. To the body extra muscle is only necessary when its beneficial.

So, plan your meals out and EAT! If you need a program that will get you there hit me up I might be able to point you in the right direction. After that shredding off the fat and keeping the muscle is a trick I have found to be easier than you would think. But you have to change the rules a little bit.

Keep in mind Tall frames have a lot of body to fill out. Even though you may be the same weight as a shorter guy the rules are different if you want to keep your fullness while you are lean.


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